NFT Marketplace Instructions

Thank you for using the XRPL Coins NFT Marketplace, we are working hard to provide an excellent experience for both NFT projects and users. Below you will find information to help you mint, list and trade NFTs on the platform.

Creating an Account

  1. Sign-In using XUMM: https://xrplcoins.com/login
  2. Click the Gear Icon or My Account -> Settings from the Slide-Out Navigation:https://xrplcoins.com/account
  3. Choose a Username, Click Create Profile, and Sign the Transaction of the 1-time payment of 5 XRP.
  4. Fill out your profile information.
  5. Select the checkbox if you would like other users to see the NFTs/Collections owned by your wallet address from your profile and link them from the NFT marketplace to your profile.

Credit System

NFT Credits are used to accept NFT offers and mint NFTs. We have chosen to opt out of using a broker fee to allow orders from other marketplaces to be filled using XRPL Coins and increase interoperability with other XRPL NFT Marketplaces.

  1. Go to: https://staging.xrplcoins.com/account/credits
  2. Specify the amount of credits or choose a package to purchase with either XRP or xCOIN and sign the transation.
  3. Credits can be used to accept NFT offer or mint NFTs.
  4. View your credits transactio history from your settings page (gear icon) and click the tab labelled, Credit Transaction History.

*Keep in mind that all credits purchased using xCoin is being sent back to the issuer and burned.

Trading NFTs

On XRPL Coins you can trade NFTs using any XRPL Issued currency currently listed on the platform. We currently charge 1.25% fee in credits for accepting NFT offers, 0% fee if accepting offers in $xCoin, and 3 credits to mint each NFT.

  1. If you choose Buy Now: the order will fill a sell order and trade will be executed immediately if you have sufficient credit.
  2. If you choose Make a Buy Offer: choose a price, currency, expiration, and checkout, in which the seller will need to accept the offer in order to be filled and traded.
  3. Once you have purchased an NFT, you will find it on your social profile under the NFTs tab and within the NFT Marketplace.

Viewing all Offers

  1. Go to the Slide-Out Navigation -> NFTs -> Offers: https://xrplcoins.com/nft/offers
  2. Choose Cancel or Accept Offer
  3. Sign Transaction

Minting a Collection

We allow users to mint multiple collections under the same profile but keep in mind the wallet address you choose to use for your social profile should also be the same as the issuer of your NFTs. If your intention is to display them under the same account, please user the same issuer, otherwise you can create multiple accounts.

  1. Go to NFTs from the Slide-Out or Top Navigation -> Click Mint: https://xrplcoins.com/nft/mint
  2. Choose an existing collection or create a new collection and fill out the information.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions then click Add NFTs
  4. Add all NFTs along with the information such as images, descriptions, properties, and royalties.
  5. Once all the NFTs have been setup click Review Collection.
  6. Review the NFTs and make any changes prior to minting. Once you mint an NFT, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the metadata.
  7. Once you’re ready to mint, click Mint NFT for each NFT and sign the transaction using XUMM.
  8. Your NFTs are now minted to the XRP Ledger, viewable from the NFTs tab from your social profile, and automatically listed on the XRPL Coins NFT Marketplace.

Listing Pre-Minted NFTs/Collections

To list pre-minted NFTs within the marketplace you simply need to create a social profile using the issuer. If you want the NFTs to show up in the NFT Marketplace under the collection, you need to go to the minting page (https://xrplcoins.com/nft/mint) and create a collection using the same collection name that is stored to the metadata of the NFTs under that collection.

Bulk Minting

Please contact our team for information about our bulk minting services. We will soon be providing a tool for bulk minting from the platform that will be offered as premium service.

Featuring a Collection (Coming Soon)

Soon users will have the ability to feature a collection by burning xCoin. This will allow projects to promote their NFT Collections across the platform to gain exposure.

Featuring an NFT (Coming Soon)

Soon users will have the ability to feature an NFT by burning xCoin. This will allow projects to promote their NFTs across the platform to gain exposure.

NFT Sales

  1. NFT Terms. As used herein, “Own” means your rights with respect to an NFT you have purchased or otherwise rightfully acquired from a legitimate source, where proof of such purchase is recorded on the applicable blockchain. You agree, in relation to any NFT that you Own, that you Own that NFT in accordance with any description which accompanies that NFT. Issuer may, at its option, use third party platforms or wallet extensions (which may be owned or operated by third parties) to sell NFTs (“Third Party Sites”). You agree to adhere to any applicable terms of service or privacy policies applicable to the use of any Third-Party Sites. UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE APPLICABLE NFT, AN NFT THAT YOU OWN WILL BE TRANSFERABLE, BUT ANY TRANSFEREE WILL BE SUBJECT TO THESE NFT TERMS. NFTS THAT WE PROVIDE ARE TIED TO UNIQUE GOODS, SERVICES AND EXPERIENCES. YOU SHOULD NOT PURCHASE OUR NFTS WITH A VIEW TO INVESTMENT, RESALE OR SPECULATION. THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE AS TO THEIR PRESENT OR FUTURE VALUE, TRANSFERABILITY OR MARKETABILITY.