A: No, XUMM never exposes your secret keys. What’s shared is your r-address which is public information already. We are not signing into your XUMM environment, you are just providing cryptographic proof that you (as a visitor) have signing access to the account signed in with.

A: XUMM is used only to access your r-address that is then saved as a unique user ID, which allows us to present personalized information such as; watchlist items, supported projects, on platform payments and more. This is used in the same way email and passwords are used as a means of logging in but more decentralized by maintaining your anonymity by signing in with the secure XUMM 3rd party sign in request system.

A: The XRP Ledger has a feature called TrustLines which allows currencies to be issued and exchanged between accounts that have added the TrustLine for each specific currency. If you want to purchase or receive a specific XRPL issued currency, you must first add their TrustLine to your wallet address.

A: We have integrated the platform with XUMM, allowing accounts to add TrustLines without leaving the website. You can add the TrustLine directly from a coin details page by clicking the icon under XUMM TRUSTLINE and directly from the xSWAP or xDEX prior to initiating a trade. Keep in mind you must set 2 XRP as a reserve for each TrustLine added to your account in which will be returned when the TrusttLine is removed from an account.

A: You can simply find all of your trades within your XUMM wallet app under the events tab, otherwise you can also find open orders and trade history within the xDEX for the specific coin you have chosen.

A: You can easily remove a TrustLine on your account by first signing in, accessing your portfolio by clicking your account in the navigation and clicking the Token Trasher icon to the right of the TrustLine you choose to remove.

A: To gain access to the xRICHLIST tool, you must first hold a minimum of 25 xCOIN in the account. You can purchase xCOIN from either the xSWAP or xDEX tool on the website.

A: We are currently working on an on-boarding process for projects to manage their listing information. In the meantime, please reach out to us on Twitter and we will manually update your information and logo. You can also update your logo by adding your avatar to gravatar.com if the account has not been blackholed prior to doing so.

A: Our trading tools are only responsible for preparing the transaction that is sent to XUMM for your review. Be sure to review the information and memo before signing any transaction. Keep in mind that depending on the spread of the coin being traded, the rate may be higher depending on the volume of the order being filled. You are 100% responsible for reviewing and signing the transaction if this is your intention.

A: Any user can feature a project on the homepage/featured sections by going to xrplcoins.com/feature-coin. You start by searching for the project using the ticker and if the project is not yet featured, you can then click “Feature Coin”. You will then be required to make payment through XUMM, which after the project will then be featured for 5 consecutive days before being removed and available to be featured again.

A: Users can simply support a project by clicking the thumbs up icon and paying a small fee to help the coin move up in the rankings. The rankings factor both the amount of support and watchlist users.

A: You may add as many coins to your watchlist as you choose by simply signing into your account and selecting the star icon from the list view or coin details page. You may also remove the Watch listed coin by clicking the star icon again.

A: Connect your wallet, set your xCOIN TrustLine, answer a simple math sequence question and receive xCOIN. Limited to 3 attempts and blocked for 24 hours to reduce airdrop farmers. It may take some time to receive The Drop due to the growing backlog.

A: Actual holders refers to the number of accounts that hold more than $10 worth of a specific coin and holders are accounts that hold any amount greater than $0.

A: Our system automatically retrieves new currencies that are issued on the XRPL that meet our minimum requirement of TrustLines set to be listed.