XRPL Coins is the XRP Ledger’s first live price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies that are powered by the XRPL. As XRPL developers, we’ve created xrplcoins.com to be the main resource for all things XRPL.

Our team has been working countless hours to design and develop xrplcoins.com to offer real world utility and value to the marketplace. Currently, we offer live pricing data, coin details, list of featured positions, swap tool and live pricing widget. We are continuing to work hard to build more tools and resources for the XRPL community; some of which will be the first of their kind.

XRPL Coins is not a speculative project that is banking on the success of our coin to then try to build real world utility. We are XRPL-specific developers that have an in-depth understanding of exactly how the XRP Ledger works inside and out. The resources that we have already built have immense value and are currently being used by many coins and retail users.


XRPL Coins was created to provide a community-driven platform that brings tools and resources to those building and investing in the XRP Ledger. We provide live pricing, data, tools, and will give back to the people building and supporting this network. XRPL Coins understands the value that the XRP Ledger brings to the world, and how this will not become reality unless we stand together and continue to build and push forward through the ups and downs of litigation and the negative press set against XRP. We are XRP Army Strong and hope to make a positive impact on the markets as we implement new innovative features and technology running on the XRPL.